Simple Plumbing Tips for Your Bathroom

Want to avoid some major plumbing issues in your bathroom? Follow these plumbing tips to keep up with the maintenance and ensure that your plumbing system continues to work as efficiently as it should.

Always place a metal trap inside of your shower drain before you begin to take a shower or bath. The trap will collect most of the hair from your head and body, preventing it from falling down the drain and clogging up the pipes.

If you think that the shower is already clogged, use a snake tool to pull it out. If you do not have a snake tool, consider using a metal hanger. You would need to adjust the hanger so that it is long enough to reach down into the drain and pull the clog right out.

If you have an extra bathroom inside your home that nobody ever uses, make sure that you go in there at least once a week to run the water for a few minutes. If you never run the water, the pipes could become dry, which may cause them to stop working properly when you finally do decide to use them.

When your toilet water does not seem to want to go down after flushing, there is a chance that you have flushed too much toilet paper at once. In that case, use the snake or the metal hanger to reach down into the toilet to pull out some of the toilet paper or wipes that may have been flushed.

Consider buying a mini plunger to use for toilet clogs. If the plunger is too large, it may be a bit difficult for you to pull the clog out of the toilet without making a huge mess with lots of water getting all over the floor.

These useful plumbing tips may come in handy. If you follow them, it is possible to prevent some plumbing problems.

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